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Oct 01,  · How to Download iOS Apps Stuck on “Waiting..” Restart the iPad, go back to Settings -> iTunes Apps Store and sign-in. Tap the waiting icon to update the app. Tried trick #3 with the “stuck” app and downloading resumed. You'll also like: How to Close All Background iOS Apps at Once;. Tap on the icon of the app that's stuck on ‘Waiting’ The app should start to resume the download. If the app doesn’t resume download, go to the App Store and see what other Apps are downloading. Pause apps that tend to have larger updates (ie, Facebook, Spotify, Twitter) This should allow the app to finish the download or update. iPhone FAQ: I have an iPhone app in a waiting state; how do I get it to finish installing or updating? I’ve been asked this “waiting iPhone app” question many times on my How to delete/uninstall iPhone apps article, so I’ve taken the time to organize all the possible solutions I’ve seen.

iOS App Stuck on ‘Waiting’ After Update – Lose It! Support

The iPhone reboot worked for me! I had about 11 apps with 'waiting' status after I pressed the 'Update' apps button. Somehow the app update process got stuck until the next day, ios app update waiting. Today, I rebooted my iPhone, and the iPhone apps finished updating themselves. To reboot your iPhone, hold the iPhone Power button down for about ios app update waiting seconds, until the 'slide to power down' appears; then slide that slider over.

Wait a minute or two, and then turn your iPhone back on by pressing the iPhone Power button until you see it come back on. Hope this helps, ios app update waiting. When the iPad rebooted, I went to look at the app icon, which was on the second screen, ios app update waiting, and by the time I scrolled over to the second screen it was already in the "Loading I had to 'guess' at which app got stuck, based on the ones that were loaded and the one that was missing. Sure enough that fixed the problem.

I have no idea, however, how to figure out which app is causing the problem. I simply guessed and got it right. So, looking at a ios app update waiting example, let's assume there was a problem installing or updating the iPhone Twitter app.

In this case, you'd follow these steps to fix this iPhone app waiting problem:. Entered App Store on the Touch, signed out of my account at the bottom of one of the screens, e. After a few minutes, when the activity indicator next to the wifi strength indicator, top left stopped, I went back to the home screen and the waiting app had gone. If so, there are a couple of possible ways around this. In this possible solution, if the Mac or PC you connect your iPhone to has a direct cable connection to your internet provider the cable connects from the back of the computer to the box your internet access provider gave youconnect your iPhone to your computer, and attempt to restart the waiting iPhone app through the iTunes app interface.

If that solution doesn't work, see if you can borrow a friend or neighbor's WiFi service. If this doesn't work immediately, also try rebooting your iPhone while at their home, and see if that restarts the process. Also, if you can't get internet access this way, try the free WiFi at a place like Starbucks, McDonald's, ios app update waiting, or many other coffee ios app update waiting. I hope one of these possible solutions to the "iPhone waiting apps" problem will work for you.

As mentioned, ios app update waiting the iPodiPhone, and iPad now all use the Apple iOS operating system, I assume these solutions will also work for "iPod waiting apps" and "iPad waiting apps". If you know of any other potential solutions to this waiting iPhone apps problem, please leave a comment below.

I have had this ghost image stating "loading" on an app. Cannot delete nor reload from the app store. So I just downloaded a new app and then it picked back up where it left off. You may need to tap on it and pause then tap again to load. But it worked! The reboot suggestion worked fine for me - after three days of asking advice from everyone I know who has an iPhone!

Thank you so much, the reboot solution worked right away! And the apps that were in the waiting status two apps were both installed when I turned my iPhone back on. On the iphone, try having someone call you. After the call has ended the apps should load up no problem. Thanks for putting these solutions in one place. Rebooting the phone worked great, though. Thanks so much for your help.

After reading the hundreds of pages of the iphone manual Ios app update waiting was still none the wiser. The apps which were waiting are now there. As you cannot delete them as the little red 'x' doesn't appear when waiting, ios app update waiting. I recommend ios app update waiting reboot, ios app update waiting.

It worked perfectly for two apps on my iTouch. Just don't press the waiting icon, or it'll pause and start over. Rebooted as suggested, ios app update waiting, apps still waiting, logged into itunes account via iphone and they went to 'loading' and synced with pc and they immediately installed! Thanks so much was really annoying grrr!!! The sign out and sign back again to apps ios app update waiting worked. Thanks a lot for sharing guyz. This has been happening ever since i updated to 4.

Restarting the phone is not a solution!!! Restarting the phone is "magic" as one reader wrote As apple users we need to keep the standards high. It seems to be getting worse with apple. I had 2 apps that were "waiting" and I tried your first suggestion to ios app update waiting the phone and it worked like a charm! When it came back on, the two apps were there, installed completely. Thanks so much for your article!

It helped so much!!! Hey guys I just rebooted my iphone the waiting message dissapeared and the application got loaded. Thanks for publishing all these solutions.

I have tried: Rebooting the iphone signing out of itunes account and back in on the iphone de authorising account then authorise again on the computer and had someone call me to try and get rid of it none of these have worked, i don't know what else to do about it, ios app update waiting, its really anoying! The reboot worked straight up on the initial network, but only a day later after searching here for help when 24 hours 'rest to catch up' didn't work!

Learning new skills for the iPhone all the time I agree! I updated to 4. None of the suggested solutions have worked for me at all and it's driving me mental.

So I have done the reboot didn't work. I then went to my itunes account and deleted the app from my computer while my phone was connected and the app deleted from the computer; however, it did not delete from phone and is still trying to load. I have no idea what to do. The reboot sorted out my "waiting app" problem straight away - such simple, easy advice yet very few sites offered it. You're a genius, thank you! This is first time in more than an year I saw this problem when downloaded app.

It was in waiting status. After looking at this first solution I rebooted. This resolves issue. I have try all the other options but lastly options number 3 solve the problems Thanks a lot From one of the comments below, here's another possible solution to the "iPhone waiting app" problem:. It might have just been common sense to reboot, ios app update waiting sometimes we forget the basics. Ios app update waiting so much for posting this! The fact that there is no way to manually access or organize all of your data on the iPhone, touch and pad is the one frustrating thing about these products.

I had the waiting app issue and I tried rebooting and changing internet connections etc. Rebooting your iphone worked after hours of freeze delay for the iphone app. There was no way to "delete" the waiting app - when you press app to delete no x shows up. But all good now. None of the above answers worked for me. I did unplug my router and let it sit for a minute or so, then plugged it back in to allow it to re-boot.

I then allowed the phone to re-connect to the internet, and presto, my application began to update! I found that setting the time to the correct date and time will fix this problem as well. My iPhone was set to dec 31, 5pm. It worked for me as well how ever my app was stuck in the loading state but the reboot still worked.

The only thing that worked for me was changing my WiFi network. Glad I found this page, ios app update waiting. Thanks :. I tried the following option to delete. Rebooted iPhone.

Cannot delete them as the little red 'x' doesn't appear when waiting app. Oh my god, i was sooo stuck with my ipod touch, it was waiting since yesterday and i really just thought that it was because we had bad internet connection. So, thank you, for all these suggestions, they helped me sooo much. Not only did it stop its 'waiting' phase, ios app update waiting, it had also downloaded the updates i had wanted it to.

So thank you to anyone and everyone who made this website happen!!!


How to Fix iPhone Apps Stuck on "Waiting" in iOS 12


ios app update waiting


Jan 22,  · Below are the 8 tested ways to resolve the app stuck on waiting issue on iPhone or iPad: #1: Check for an Outage. This is not likely to fix iPhone app stuck on waiting issue, but go to this link and see if all services of the Apple cloud, including the App Store, are working fine and there’s no outage. If you see that the App Store service is down, you need to wait for few hours to try. The "waiting" problem may be related to server overload, especially when large numbers of users update their iPhone/iPad to a new iOS operating system and reinstall all of their apps by using Apple App store. So just wait for some days when the server gets its breath back. You May Like: How to Update iPhone to iOS The Bottom Line. iPhone FAQ: I have an iPhone app in a waiting state; how do I get it to finish installing or updating? I’ve been asked this “waiting iPhone app” question many times on my How to delete/uninstall iPhone apps article, so I’ve taken the time to organize all the possible solutions I’ve seen.